Swedish Traditions - Live also in Munich!

Midsommerparty 2000 in Englischer Garten, Munich

In end of June, as the daylight is as longest, we sweds are all celabrating at the countryside.

First of all we'll hava a big, "Smorgasboard" (a Swedish Buffet) with Meatballs, Jansons, fish, cake and a lot of Snapps. Of cause the we are also singing a lot of nice and dirty songs, all ending up by a snapps. This is to get strong enough for the coming "Dancing around the Midsommertree".

1) This is the Munich legend Fredrik, who also like most other people wearing a self-made leafhat.The women do also carry flowers in the hair, very quite!

2 )This is a bavarian guy (Wolfgang) trying the Midsommersport "Jumping-plasticbag". Very funny after the Snapps!

3) This is one of the Swedish girls, some hours later..

See you next year!